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May 2017

     Hi all! For all that continue to inquire, I am healing quite well, and yes, Daniele has not killed me just yet :)  Recovery time has been slow, but thanks to a great friend, I got to ride this year's WTD event, and I hope to do the same come time when we are ready for this year's Fall Homecoming!

     Corner Addiction Tours took a break two years ago, due to the economy, but was reborn as a POWERHOUSE parts business.  Daniele turned her focus onto our NEW STORE store, and it has been going bonkers!  Take a moment out and give us a ring if we can do anything for you!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

     ***▀oomer's Domain is now over 19 years old!!***

R.I.P. Heejun Kim - July 13th, 1978 - August 09th, 2008

R.I.P. Balen Brent Woods - November 17th, 1964 - April 2nd, 2011

R.I.P. Kerry Doyle Rushing - June 27, 1969 - July 16, 2014

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