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September 2021

      Hi all! As we head into this year's Fall Season, we here at Summerfield Farm hope that you and yours are doing well!  We have been super busy these last few months, building, repairing, updating, and turning Summerfield Farm into a nice, self sufficient horse farm.

     With the cooler weather, and now with NC AGAIN starting their draconian methods regarding this COVID-19 outbreak, it has been hard to keep motivated and moving forward with the builds and the reno's, and TRYING to get a ride or two in...but as always, the door is always open to family and friends, so if you are willing to deal with the dust, and the hustle, we welcome your visit!  Don't forget, that with some advance head's up, the gun range is open too :)

     Our online parts and accessories web-store Corner Addiction was recently revamped, and has become a POWERHOUSE!  It has been going bonkers!  Take a moment out and give us a ring if we can do anything for you!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

     Our mower business has been going bonkers as well, so do us a favor and spread the word!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!


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