Democratically voted upon Charter rules and reasoning.


Charlotte Dragoneez Sport Bike Club Constitution

Est. May 23rd, 2003



Article 1

This Club shall be known as: Charlotte Dragoneez Sport Bike Club.


Article 2

All active members shall be riders of sport bike type motorcycles.  Honorary members shall be other persons as the Club may decide by a two-thirds or better vote of those present and  in good standing at any regular Club meeting.  Only active members in good standing shall be entitled to a vote in Club affairs.

Exceptions can be voted in by 2/3rd  majority.

Article 3

The officers of the Club at all times shall be at a Minimum:

Vice President
Sergeant at Arms


Article 4

The duties of the PRESIDENT shall be:
Preside at all meetings of the Club
Have general supervision of all Club affairs
Appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the Club
Personally represent the Club on proper occasions and in business contacts
Assist all other officers of the Club in their records, correspondence and other duties
Promote interest on the part of each member in Club activities
Vote only to break a tie


Article 5

The duties of the VICE PRESIDENT shall be the same as the president in their absence.

In addition this officer is tasked with securing any required accommodations for planned group rides / functions.

Article 6

The duties of the SECRETARY shall be:
Keep a record of Club meetings for no less than one year
Provide notices of regular or special meetings
Handle all Club correspondence
Perform other duties as generally fall upon this office or directed by the president.


Article 7

The duties of the TREASURER shall be:
Collect dues from all members
Collect and handle all other monies of the Club
Maintain Club financial records and deliver reports in a timely manner or on a moments notice.


Article 8

The duties of the SERGEANT AT ARMS shall be:
Plan all Club tours, runs, activities, and etc
Lead Club in formation riding (i.e. parades, dinner rides or special events)
Assist in handling Club socials, parties and other functions
Enforce all rules of group riding
Select assistants to aid in special tasks (i.e. Pack Leaders, Blockers, & Sweepers)

Article 9

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms shall constitute the Executive Board, to which the duties shall be:
Act for the Club in all matters ordered by the Club
Make final decisions on member admittance, or expulsions
Investigate and present to the Club all business or important activity situations
Have general control over all Club affairs

Article 10

 Officers shall remain in positions until such a time that:
They are removed by a majority vote by the other executive officers
Resign their position to the Club
Leave the Club of their own volition
Fail to comply with any part of the Bylaws, as set forth

Article 11

Regular Club meetings shall be:
Held every month, as close to the Established Anniversary Date as possible.
Date and time to be determined at prior months meeting.
Special meetings may be called by the President or by majority vote of the executive board with advance notice.
Regular Monthly Club Meetings have a required MANDATORY attendance set, in order to fulfill business in a timely manner.

Article 12

Two-thirds active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for transaction of Club business.

Officers shall have executive authority in absence of 2/3ís membership.

Article 13

The constitution may be amended, providing the proposed amendment is submitted in writing at a regular meeting.  It shall be then advertised for two regular Club meetings and voted on in the third Club meeting.  A two-thirds vote of all active members in good standing shall be required to pass an amendment.  Any amendment denied may be reintroduced no earlier than three Club meetings hence.  If denied a second time, the proposed amendment may not be resubmitted for a period of one year.



Charlotte Dragoneez Sport Bike Club Bylaws

Est. May 23rd, 2003



Meeting Itinerary

1. The order of business for all meetings shall be:
a. Roll call
b. Reading of previous meetings minutes
c. Report of officers
d. Unfinished old business
e. New business
f. Open floor



All debts must be reviewed and approved by the executive board before they are incurred, or paid.



Applications for membership will be made by active members in good standing only (sponsor).
After meeting with the Executive Board, the applicant will be placed on probation for a period of one month.  Upon completion of probation, completion of two successful mountainous rides with two members of good standing, or with one Officer, and a positive two-thirds vote from active members in good standing, the applicant becomes a member and entitled to privileges as such.



The Club dues shall be $45 per Fiscal Quarter (3 months per Quarter) with an initiation fee of $35.  The dues for each quarter can be collected at monthly meetings, or at any time, as well as through PayPal for ease, with receipts given if requested.  Any member 2 quarters or more behind shall be considered not in good standing and shall not be entitled to vote at Club meetings.

Initial fee of $35 goes to Club T-shirt, Club logo for bike, and ICE (in case of emergency contact information) Dog Tag for Jacket.

Quarterly Dues of $45 goes for all future accommodations, Club events, and Sponsored items.

Dues II

Any member more than three quarters behind in dues may be expelled from the Club w/o vote.  Upon expulsion, if the member wishes to rejoin, they must pay one quarter forward for a period of two quarters.  If during this 6 month timeframe, if they fall behind again, they will be expelled without possibility to rejoin.



ANY member may be expelled for conduct unbecoming a member of the Club, but charges must be presented in writing and the accused member given a hearing before the Executive Board with at least 3 active Club members as witness.  The Executive Board shall take evidence and report itís findings to the Club as a whole with its recommendation.  The Club shall then vote, with a majority rules.  Expulsion may also occur, should any member REPEATEDLY fail to attend Club functions.



Only active members of the Club are eligible to hold office.

ALL members of the Executive Board shall be AMA members.  No exceptions or exemptions. 





While ALL members are not required, it is highly requested that they be AMA sponsored for support of our Club, and sport.  It is desired that this Club be recognized, and Chartered by the AMA, and to have this done, all members should willfully participate.




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