Please contact an Officer or Member if you would like to know more about us, or have any questions.

1   Mike Jennings   Haf2Race   President
2   Patrick Summerfield   ShadowWolf   Vice-President
3   Todd   Compton   Sargent @ Arms
4   Savannah Lively   Ittybitty250   Secretary
5   Shawn Summerfield   Boomer   Founder / Treasurer / Web Master
6 Jason Owens Lespaul85 Founder / Member
7 Mark Francis Slideby Member
8   Jason Watts   jsnthegod   Member
        Honorary Members  
1   Amy Deyarmon   qqingatu    
2   Gary Simpson   Bluestreeek   Founder / Member
3   Paul Britton   SprintST    
4   Daniele Summerfield   Hammy   Founder / Member
5   Alex Evrard   zanardi1782    



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